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Marc Jacobs’s Cast of Cool Kids Sums Up New York Fashion Week

When Marc Jacobs chooses a theme for one of his collections, he goes all in. This season’s exploration of hip-hop culture wouldn’t have been complete without a cast that accurately reflected the melting-pot nature of the genre. So Jacobs and his casting director, Anita Bitton, filled the runway with streetwise young women with attitude. Seeking out a diverse lineup of varying races and ages, Bitton and Jacobs created an on-point finale to New York Fashion Week.

Opened by Slick Woods, the show was heavy on girls who brought personality as well as beauty; there was Vogue cover star and Gurls Talk founder Adwoa Aboah; cosplay fan turned model Aleece Wilson; the Korean showstopper from Alexander Wang, EZ; and Jacobs’s eternal muse, Jamie Bochert. Among the fresh faces who stood out were Dara, a glamorous newcomer with an Amy Winehouse–style bouffant; A.T.L. bombshell Jasmine Daniels; and living doll Lily Nova. United on the runway wearing bucket hats and oversize baseball caps, the group seemed bold and undeniably cool.

If New York Fashion Week’s casts had a uniting factor, it was inclusiveness. If the lineup on any given runway didn’t reflect an as-seen-on-the-streets reality, it felt passé. With their casting choices, Jacobs and Bitton were able to make the collection feel representative, like it belonged to real women and not just clothes hangers. When Mae Lapres stomped out with blue hair, she looked like one of the real club kids who inspired these clothes, not a professional poser. It’s that spirit of authenticity that makes the grouping great and completely right for right now.Read more at:evening dresses online |

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