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Summer fashion for men

What do fashion gurus have to say about the Summer 2017 fashion scene? A perfect look for 'the versatile man' of course! As clichéd as it may seem, the wave of fashion products that are about to hit the shopping malls across the world will see the statements of the past somewhat retained with fresh new additions. Newer designs will take the statement a notch upward, with a scope to toy around with individual style statements.

Torn jeans

The ripped jeans that you wore as a child are making a comeback. The look of bleached denim has returned to the runways. Also, darker denim with cuts are coming this season. Wear them with a pair of sneakers and a T-shirt and it's the perfect casual look.

Patterned shirts

The patterns to search for are checks, plaids and tartans. Patterns such as these can be used to establish a polished appearance. Red, burgundy and navy are the colours to look out for. Wear them as half-sleeved shirts for a semi-casual look.

Graphic T-shirts

Graphic T-shirts have always been a trend, but this time they have V-necks. This is an interesting spin on the designs. Band T-shirts are also under the category of graphic tees. So, sport your favourite band logo this year.

Oxford shirts

These shirts are essentially a cross between a dress shirt and a casual one. It all depends on what they are paired with. It can be worn with a tie or without a tie, and with jeans. The possibilities are endless.

Cargo pants

The original use of cargo pants was in the military, but they are now a craze. Cargo pants are made of heavy duty fabric and have patch pockets. They may be worn in the traditional khaki trousers or even black. There are also cargo shorts that cut off at the knee.

Sportswear inspired

Many clothes on the runway are inspired by the ones worn by athletes, starting from fashionable track suits to sports shoes. Sweat pants and training hoodies can be worn for a morning jog.


Many outfits released by fashion designers this year were featuring yellow as the main colour. In fact, in many cases the whole outfit was yellow. Yellow may not suit every one the trick is to balance the look with several hues of yellow.


A more sober colour, which was featured as the base for several looks is cream. A cream coloured shirt with brown trousers would suit most men. It's a classy look but at the same time, it's unique on the wearer.

Sailor inspired

Think symbols of anchors and navy blue stripes. A popular combination is red, white and navy. This is a difficult style to pull off. It may appear to be more quirky than suave. A good idea is to be a minimalist. However, it's a nice look for an outing.


Army print trousers, T-shirts and even backpacks are in fashion. Camouflage pieces are best paired with light colours.

The trends for men's summer fashion in 2017 offers a lively perspective in a man's appearance. If the items of clothing are well coordinated, these trends may prove to be elegant.Read more at:formal dresses melbourne | formal dresses adelaide

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