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The butt of 1990s fashion jokes is now the epitome of high fashion

The 1990s has often been referred to as the decade that style forgot but you wouldn't know it by the trends 2017 keeps dishing up.

The logo T-shirt, the Kate Moss-style slip dress, the platform shoe (thanks, Baby Spice) and the "mom" jean – they are all vestiges of the decade that brought us Reality Bites, Oasis and Saved By the Bell.

But I am pleased – and somewhat sobered – to inform you all that we have officially hit peak 1990s for, alas, the bumbag is the only handbag you need this summer.

When I think about bumbags, two images generally come to mind: my uncle Abe and parachute tracksuits a la Kath and Kim.

Yet, in deep in the bowels of the Melbourne Town Hall recently, two runway shows, featuring emerging Australian designers and menswear, were veritable fanny pack-a-thons.

Ella Murphy, who styled the menswear show at Melbourne Fashion Week, said the bumbag has become a major focus for street style.

She said she styled the menswear show to be a little "grittier", given the setting, despite several brands showing traditional suiting.

"It was all about trying to channel an Eastern European-slash-Japanese street style element. The Melbourne market really picks up on that," she said.

Ms Murphy said the key differences to the bumbags of the 1990s and now is the way they are worn – across the chest rather than on the hip – and the elevation of the strap as a feature in itself, playing up the sport luxe trend.

"They are intense, classic buckles and sports luxe straps that tend to hang down and create a draping effect," Ms Murphy said.

Far from Melbourne, the bumbag v. 2017 has been brewing for some time on the overseas catwalks.

Like many fashion trends, which used to be dictated by kids on the streets of Tokyo or Seoul, we can partly credit the bumbag revival to a breed of celebrities who were not even born the last time we were hoisting our wares around on our pelvises.

Kim Kardashian West recently stepped out in a budget black nylon bumbag, while her half-sister, Kendall Jenner, has been spotted toting a vintage Louis Vuitton style.

The modern bumbag, which has its origins in medieval hunting pouches, was invented by an Australian – cue kangaroo jokes – named Melba Stone, in 1962.

It took more than 20 years for the item to catch on but about half of that for it to be universally lampooned as the height of bad taste, more because of its tendency to be "crafted" from fluorescent nylon than its actual shape or utility.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Gucci released a toolbelt-belt style bag just in time for Y2K that for some time became the gold standard in "smarter" bumbags.

But post- Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw, who was fond of the odd hip-hugger, the bumbag disappeared into fashion obscurity.

Once again, Gucci has led the charge at the top end with a range of belt bags featuring its signature Marmont design and interlinked GG logo, for a cool $1215.

So why the bumbag, and why now? In these multi-tasking, protest banner-wielding times, we need our hands for so many important activities - such as Instagramming your lunch - that carrying one's clutch seems like a luxury we can ill afford.

Maybe in the carefree noughties we didn't need our hands as much, so styles like the bowling bag surged in popularity. But those days are over. We only have two hands and it seems we could often use five to get everything done.Read more at:red carpet dresses | formal dresses

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