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Snugly, fanciful wares for children and adults

Close your eyes and transport yourself to another world — Ogopogoland, a realm of organic cotton, cashmere, and wool felt. This is a land created by Italian designer Jenny Robatto, trading exclusively in all things cozy for kids and adults: stuffed animals, lavender eye pillows, animal-shaped heating pads, neck warmers, and hand warmers ideal for the bitter winter months. She has two young children, who act as informal fashion and toy advisers.

“Ogopogoland is the land where my colorful animals and accessories come to life and where imagination takes place over reality,” she says. The name originates from the legend of Ogopogo, a monster from Canadian folklore similar to the one in Scotland’s Loch Ness.

Her bestseller is a simple, geometric-patterned neck warmer made with organic fleece cotton outside and organic sherpa fleece within, “born after experiencing my first winter in Boston,” Robatto says. (She’s from Turin.) “I wanted something easy to [pull] on and off, warm and at the same time still fashionable. Its special ‘T’ shape is designed to protect your chest from cold weather.”

It fits snugly inside a jacket like a thin coat of armor, sized for children and grown-ups, in a variety of bright colors.

She sells these wares — plus raccoon- and bunny-shaped pillows, stuffed carrot toys, other curiosities — on Etsy, at Divya Jyoti Yoga Therapy Center in Brookline, and at the North End’s I AM Books.

“Our main customers are people who like handmade and high-quality products. I have a variety of customers: Some of them buy my products as a present for newborns and kids — organic material is very important for them — but most of them just buy for themselves because they like the design and uniqueness of my products,” Robatto says. “Simplicity and quality is my motto.”Read more at:red formal dresses |

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