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Glammin’ up the gown

Models showcase the varied styles of gowns and maxi skirts in trend this season.
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Dramatic flares, cut outs at the midriff, thigh-high slits or knotted details – there’s nothing you can’t rock in a gown these days.

Mercury levels are soaring with B Town beauties, Hollywood celebrities, models and the rich and famous dazzling in shimmery, symmetrical or even assymetrical gowns and maxi skirts. Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Jacqueline Fernandez and many others are flaunting them in style. While fashion trends come and go, clearly these maxi skirts and long gowns with a slit and a twist are having a moment right now.

Try the Alexander Wang’s slit front versions or the slender modern 90s inspired ones in your nonchalant style with oodles of confidence, pizzazz and panache. Style them differently for a brunch, an evening out, or flashing toned midriffs between a bustier and a low-slung skirt for that added sex appeal for a cocktail wedding. City designers share how you can pick your own style from the varied styles around. The slits are suddenly a trend and can be tweaked for a look that’s effortless like Beyonce or Angelina Jolie.

Designer Ramya Girimaji says, “Whether it’s a wedding cocktail party, a dinner date or a Sunday brunch, this season is dictated by femininity. And what better way to express this than through the drama of the right skirt or gown! If it’s a skirt that you want to don, a silhouette that works best is a high-waisted flared skirt paired with a small cropped top. The skirt is cinched at the smallest part of your waist, and the dramatic flair makes the waistline look smaller while hiding any unwanted bulges underneath. By wearing a cropped top that peek-a-boos the high waistline, you bring an element of softness.

Use fabrics like raw silk or even linen for the skirt and for the top, go for georgettes, chiffons or crepes. Gowns with a twist are trending this season. A silhouette that has historically worked is the empire waistline with a clean flow. You can’t go wrong in crepe with a high thread count. The potential to experiment with this trend can stretch as far as one’s imagination allows! The best looks are the ones that are tailored to fit.”

Go for layered long gowns with one layer having a high slit or just a single layer full length gown with two daring slits teamed with cigarette pants. While it’s important to be in sync with the trends, it’s also equally crucial to keep your originality and style.

Designer Michelle Salins shares, “There are various distractions on the runway for us to pick up with for the holiday and party season ahead, and what we’re all obsessing over is the maxi dress with a high front slit and a column like look. And also the floor length maxi skirt with a bare midriff. Choose the right accessories to dress it up. A maxi column dress with high slit is best worn in jewel tones for the evening and is very comfortable. I like it with a side slit which adds a hint of ease at the hemline and allows you the slight flare. You can team it with a fitted cropped top or a roll neck top, or wear it with a ruffle trim crop off the shoulder top. For a casual evening, wear it with a silk slim collared blouse or throw on a ribbed sweater for that edgy look.”

Bring a twist to your outfit, adds designer Anjali Sharma, “Uplift the aesthetic appeal of a garment into a more sensuous one. We’re watching the dressy clothing become minimal. A little detailing of play of fabric on its own is a trend to stay. The detail to watch out for is a knot or a twist to enhance a decolletage or a slim waist with fabric play and voila, you’ve got the look!”Read more at:formal dresses

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