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Fashion designer Farheen holds exhibition

Greatly admired women’s wear designer Farheen Surmawala exhibited her new summer 2017 collection titled ‘Ethereal Elegance’ at the Fashion Pakistan Lounge in Dolmen Mall. The exhibition also serves as exclusive launch for the designer at FPL where clients could walk in and also order fashionable clothing. The media and PR for the launch event was handled by Tehmina Khaled and her team at Take II, while the hair and make-up for the beautiful models was done by Mona J Salon. The exhibition featured designer’s collection which offer a sublime mix of eastern and contemporary western-fusion cuts in beautiful summer friendly hues that range from pretty pastels to other expressive yet elegant shades that showcase the intricate details with harmony.

The clothes have a sense of exuberance and joy with her pleasing use of lace, pearls and floral accents exuding a happy and rather charming character of a Farheen Surmawala woman.

Speaking about her latest exhibition designer Farheen Surmawala commented that: “I have always felt there is a gap for women who want to buy clothes that are pretty yet practical without compromising on feminine elegance and beauty of details.”

“So my aim with my latest collection is to cater to all those ladies who appreciate an aesthetic with exquisite craftsmanship and delicate patterns without going too heavy on prints and patterns, “she said.Read more at:formal dresses brisbane | formal dresses melbourne

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